Thailand Jewelry

Showcasing quality

The jewelry industry in Thailand thrives on sheer talent and dedication, the country is one of the leading suppliers of fine jewelry to the world. The range and depth of designs and styles will amaze even the most style conscious jewelry buyer. Dedicated artisans and gem cutters with decades of experience devote their attention and talent to each jewel that is made in the country. 

wholesale jewelry

Wholesale jewelry manufactured to your specifications. A wide range of styles, price points, gemstones and metals to choose from. Approach your markets with the confidence that your wholesale jewelry is manufactured to match your Q.C standards. 

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retail jewelry

Buy that all important jewel to reflect your style and personality. Buy retail jewelry directly from the source without, having to foot the bill for multiple selling agents dotting the regular supply chain route. Thailand offers some amazing opportunities. 

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notes and updates

What's happening in the gems and jewelry industry, is style being redefined or are new styles making their impressive debut. Why are some gems showing a rising trend in prices. Look for some amazing new alloy  options that cost less. 

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