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Custom Jewelry Thailand

The best way to order your custom made jewelry in Thailand is doing it online. Bangkok and Thailand has some highly skilled craftsmen and artisans, you surely want fine workmanship for your custom jewelry. Most of the gems from across the world pass through Bangkok and gem cutting and polishing talent is not very hard to find. When working with online custom jewelry providers make sure that, you have all your queries answered and doubts cleared before placing an order. You could order both gold and 925 silver jewelry made to order but, make sure that the jeweler provides the same quality of craftsmanship, designs and gems for both metal options. 

ruby gemstone ring

When you talk about a ruby ring, the entire focus of the jewel shifts to the gemstone. Ruby one of the rarest and most sought after gem of all time is rare and expensive. Claddagh365 explains the essentials of ruby gems, get the facts right here ... more

Custom made bracelets offer a great way to make a stylish statement. Gemstone bracelets in gold and 925 sterling silver can be crafted as per your design concepts. Make sure that you can choose the gems of your choice for a gold or silvercustom made bracelet ... more

Custom bracelets to perfectly reflect your style and refined taste for accessories. Order a custom made gold or sterling silver bracelet with your choice of design and gemstones. Quality made to order bracelets that give equal emphasis to beauty and long term durability. No restrictions place on design or gemstones for your bracelet.  ... more

custom claddagh ring

First crafted more than 4 centuries ago, the Claddagh ring is respected as history's most meaningful jewels. Symbolizing love, togetherness and loyalty, this historic ring is suitable for everyone and for all occasions. Claddagh365 explains the history and significance of the ring. Also learn about custom made claddagh rings ... more

With the price of fine Burmese jade moving up to thousands of dollars per carat, is it really possible to get natural untreated jade jewelry at moderate prices. Kaisilver reveals its mission, to craft moderately priced jewelry with treated and untreated green jade gems from Burma ... more.

The wide range of prices, designs and gem quality in which sapphire rings can be found, can be confusing to the casual jewelry buyer. Kaisilver sapphire rings are custom made in gold or 925 silver, you pick the design for your ring. Skilled artisans can also custom make your gold or 925 silver jewelry with, your own design concept ... more

engagement ring with aquamarine

Aquamarine is an awesome gem and aquamarine engagement rings have more than just beauty and style. It has been believed since ancient times that, aquamarine helps maintain relationships. Crystal healers today, often recommend wearing an aquamarine ring to bring peace and harmony into the family. Kaisilver experts file this report ... more

custom diamond band

A custom band ring is a great option, you could choose a gold or 925 silver ring and pick the gemstones or diamonds of your choice. Our report gives you some tremendous ideas, related to the customization of a made to order band ... more