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Developments in the world of gems and jewelry will affect you no matter whether, you operate at the wholesale or retail level. Interesting jewelry trends and developments on issues such as, alternate alloys, new gemstone finds, a violent price fluctuation in certain gems and updates from the Thai gems and jewelry industry will all be updated right here. 

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Mens big rings are increasingly being ordered as custom rings. With men today getting a better understanding of their jewelry and the importance of long term durability being realized, they have begun to prefer custom jewelry as an option. This Kaisilver report offers constructive advice on choosing the right jeweler and the right ring. Not many jewelers care to  educate and inform the buyers so, make sure that you read the contents before you begin your search for large men's rings in gold or 925 silver ... more

The gorgeous spessartite garnet with a fiery reddish-orange color. Kaisilver is one of the few jewelry providers to have access to exclusive spessartite gems with amazing color and impressively large sizes. You can now order any type of jewel in gold, sterling silver or platinum and pick spessartite as your choice of gemstone. Since each piece will be handpicked and custom cut, we place no limitation on gem size, shape or cut. All our spessartite garnet gem stones are natural and left untreated ... more.  

Knowledgeable gem lovers and believers in the metaphysical properties of gems, prefer to wear untreated gemstones. With green jade from Burma showing a rapid increase in price, is it possible to get affordable sterling silver or gold jade jewelry with natural and untreated jade at a modest price. Kaisilver talks about its mission to source and offer moderately priced jade gems in treated and untreated form. The report discusses some exciting options for modestly priced jade jewelry ... more

moonstone claddagh

The floating glow seen in a moonstone has a mystic appeal. Tremendous tradition and folklore has been attributed to this gemstone through the centuries. It has been referred to as the stone for creativity and the Indians called it the lover's stone ... more

With bridal jewelry now turning to the grace and beauty if colored gemstones, young couples are impressed by the rarity and beauty of tanzanite. Engagement rings with tanzanite symbolize a unique gem that is found in just one small location on earth. The fact that tanzanite is 1,000 times rarer than diamonds gives the African gemstone an exclusive edge over diamonds. Our report provides invaluable information related to tanzanite gemstone engagement rings custom made, in gold or 925 sterling silver ... more

A gents silver tanzanite ring, if you desire quality in terms of design features, workmanship, metal weight and gem - choose the custom made ring option. Kaisilver the leading online high end custom made jewelry provider has some important suggestions to make for your, gents silver ring. Make sure that you read and understand the report before finalizing the purchase of your silver gents tanzanite ring. The information is useful no matter where you buy your tanzanite gents ring from ... more

Blue sapphires in Thailand come in a range of prices and almost all gem treatments available for the gem can be processed here. Kaisilver provides a quick preview of various gemstone treatments that can applied to blue sapphires. Sellers are expected to disclose the treatment type that was applied to the sapphire gemstones that they sell. Read this Kai Silver report on sapphire treatments and also learn how, the beryllium heat treatment can deliver stunning blue sapphire gems ... more

gemstone jewelry

Jewelry buyers are now showing a keen interest in the history and folklore attached to colored gemstones. The Kaisilver BRC100 gemstone bracelet showcases three of the most, precious, expensive and highly sought after gemstones of all time namely ruby, sapphire and emerald. Read all about this awesome jewel ... more

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