Bangkok And Thailand, The Retail Jewelry Scene

Bangkok And Thailand Retail Jewelry

You require a single jewel not a bunch of identical products to service a mass market, online jewelry sites offer some thrilling selections.  Online jewelry from Thailand is known across the world for delivering maximum value for each price point. Buying from the country that is at the heart and soul of the gems and jewelry industry, has it's advantages. Moderate overheads and a large base of skilled craftsmen and artisans, ensure that price tags are not loaded with fancy overheads and multiple profit margins. Gemstone cutting services in Thailand have attained a level of maturity that, few other gem cutting centers can match. Don't forget that much of the cut gemstone output from India another major player in gemstone manufacturing, passes through Bangkok in Thailand. Thai online jewelry and gem operators realize that, providing good products at attractive prices is the easiest way to gain market share - they are doing exactly that.  Efficient communication systems, international shipping services and reliable payment options are helping put Thai jewelers on the international map for retail jewelry through online portals.

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buying a wedding ring in thailand

Thailand Wedding Rings: Buying a wedding ring in Bangkok or elsewhere in Thailand can be a fascinating experience. Whether it is a traditional Thai wedding ring you plan to purchase or,  a more contemporary style, this report on buying a wedding ring in Thailand is worth the read. Make sure that you keep the issues mentioned in this report in mind, do not overspend and do not make a blind purchase ... more.

thailand ruby rings for men

Thailand is a great place to shop for men's ruby rings but, it is important to keep a few important issues in mind. Kaisilver is a leading online jewelry provider for high end custom made jewelry. Get tips and design ideas for your ruby gemstone men's ring and review the collection of exclusive men's ruby rings ... more

CZ Engagement Ring: Shopping for this ring can be an interesting and challenging experience. If you happen to be looking for a good quality cz gold or silver ring to symbolize the important event, we would suggest that you get the jewel custom made from a reputed jeweler.  Ready made cz rings are generally produced without giving much importance to quality of design and craftsmanship. And if you are a jewelry seller, it is a good idea to include a collection of cz rings with quality that is suitable for important bridal jewels ... more

Tanzanite Earrings: An absolutely gorgeous gemstone Tanzanite, is about 1,000 times rarer than diamonds. A pair of gold or 925 silver tanzanite gemstone earrings can often be the most effective and affordable option, to celebrate this tremendous Tanzanian gemstone. The entire world depends on a small patch of land in Tanzania for its tanzanite gemstone supply, this is the only place on our planet where gem quality tanzanite is mined. Jewelat offers a range of enticing tanzanite earrings in gold and sterling silver, both metal options boast of the same quality standards. Great for self purchase or as a gift for someone special ... more

Big Rings For Men: Large plain or gemstone rings for men cannot be cheap especially, if you happen to be looking for men's rings that are well crafted and designed. Don't forget that, the long term durability of almost any jewel is heavily influenced by the metal weight. With few jewelers willing to invest in big rings, custom made rings offer the best option. Kaisilver the leading online custom made jewelry provider from Thailand has filed an interesting report discussing various issues related to, large men's rings. Not manyjewelers care to provide as much information as this Thai online jeweler. Review the report before you make a purchase ... more

tanzanite gents ring silver or gold

Gents Tanzanite Silver Ring: When quality is one of the criteria for choosing a silver gents ring with tanzanite gemstone, retail jewelry offers the best option. Kaisilver the leading online fine custom jewelry provider from Thailand recommends a custom made gents silver ring, as this allows for all buyer preferences to be accommodated in the jewel. While Bangkok's retail jewelry stores might keep a collection of read to wear tanzanite rings for gents, it is unlikely that you will find a sterling silver tanzanite ring that meets the quality requirements of a fine jewel. Read this very useful report ... more

Slim Rings And Durability: A slim ring by definition would imply a gold or 925 silver ring that is sleek and surely not bulky or very heavy. Many quality conscious jewelry buyers love the look of sleek and elegant ring, they demand quality and are willing to pay for it. If you are looking for a quality slim ring make sure that, you care clear about the differentiation between, sleek and fragile or delicate. What we mean to say is that, slim rings should be durable enough to withstand normal wearing conditions. While the metal weight for such rings might not be very heavy, it does need to be in proportion to the ring sizes and dimensions. Certain design elements can also enhance durability of a jewel, a good example is type of gem setting used. Jewelat the quality jewelry source from Thailand, has some very constructive suggestions to make regarding the selection of a gold or 925 silver slim ring ... more

Silver Rings And Jewelry: Buying a single silver ring or other types of retail silver jewelry in Bangkok, needs some preparation. Most Bangkok silver jewelry stores are geared to cater to, wholesale silver jewelry requirements where, sales are often made based on weight and minimum purchase limits apply. For fine 925 silver rings or silver jewelry, going for the custom made option might be the best recommendation ... more

Silver Ruby Ring, Gem Options: Given the rather high price points of rubies, how should you moderate the price tag for a ruby silver ring.  To answer this question, we need to understand what are the 'types' or rubies available,  trade jargon can be confusing so some clarifications are required. Synthetic rubies, imitation rubies, fissure filled rubies,  natural heated rubies and untreated rubies are something that you must stay updated about. Our report on silver ruby and sapphire rings has all that you need to know ... more

claddagh ring for men

Men's Claddagh Rings: Truly exclusive claddagh rings for men are best custom made. The tremendous significance of this 4 century old legend, can be further enhanced by the selection of a gemstone and probably diamonds in the crown. We file this report compiled by the world's best known online custom made jewelry provider, Kaisilver. Backed by a thorough research and study into the history and tradition of the claddagh ring, Kaisilver claddagh rings are widely regarded as the finest rendition of the historic jewel. Every ring crafted by them retains all the essential elements of the first claddagh ring made a very long time ago ... more

Gemstone Engagement Rings: With diamonds slowly losing their tight grip over the bridal jewelry scene, the variety of shapes, colors, cuts and price ranges of colored gems is lighting up a new path in gold, silver and platinum engagement rings. Accompanied with the wide variations in colored gems, young couples can now look for creativity, exclusivity, rarity and innovation in terms of design and style. Tanzanite a gem found in just one small piece of land on earth and a 1,000 times rarer than diamonds, has become a hot favorite with modern brides, get a closer look at this exotic gem ... more

Stud Earrings, Instant Syle: You are not into heavy facial make-up and don't enjoy spending hours picking and choosing attire from your wardrobe. You are like thousands of ladies out there so, everything is quite normal. But what if you still wish too add some sparkle to your face and brighten your personality. Stud earrings are meant for you, simple and elegant these seemingly small jewels can vitalize even the most simple looks. Gold and sterling silver stud earrings can be had in an array of prices and with a dazzling selection of sparkling gemstones. Choose a simple pair that you can wear everywhere and at any time. You never have to look boring or dull again and you do not need to spend long hours painting and decking yourself, something that you any way never enjoy doing. Read all about this instant style thing in our report on gold and 925 silver stud earrings ... more.

gemstone earrings gold silver

Gold Earrings: There are dozens of gold earrings out there but, not all gold earrings are designed or crafted with the same quality standards. Before you pick a pair of gold earrings, learn a few basics about them. Explore the possibilities of yellow, white and rose gold earrings and don't forget to review 10k, 14k and 18k gold options. Simple gold stud earrings with modestly sized gems, can be surprisingly affordable. It is important to combine different earring design concepts in your jewelry box, gold chandelier earrings can look gorgeous for informal wear but, can appear too loud and out of place for most formal events and occasions. This report on gold earrings has some awesome suggestions and advice ... more