Tanzanite Gemstone Rings For Men, 925 Silver And Gold

Tanzanite Silver Rings For Gents

While Thailand offers a whole range of silver jewelry, the possibility of finding a good quality gents 925 silver ring with a natural and attractive tanzanite gemstone at a jewelry store is very low. The general trend to mass produce low to medium priced silver jewelry for wholesale markets remains active. Quality conscious silver jewelry lovers are aware that a good 925 silver gents ring with tanzanite cannot be cheap - they generally prefer to have their ring custom made. Kaisilver the leading online high end custom jewelry provider, boasts of a clientele that exceeds 7,0000 spread over 17 nations. By drawing on the talent and expertise of Thailand's finest craftsmen and artisans this online provider, offers the same quality of workmanship, gemstones and attention to detail for gold and 925 silver jewelry. Here are some tips provided by Kaisilver experts to guide you in the selection of a good gents 925 silver tanzanite ring. 

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Suggestions For Gents Silver Tanzanite Rings

  • Go for a custom made tanzanite silver ring, ensure that all your preferences are accommodated. 
  • Evaluate the jeweler, ask questions and check the quality of  answers provided. 
  • Insist on good craftsmanship, no technical reason why silver jewelry cannot have good workmanship.
  • Ensure that you get a natural tanzanite gem, consider getting a reputed lab certificate for the gem.
  • When choosing tanzanite gem shape and size, put emphasis on quality over sheer size. 
  • Most tanzanite lovers prefer a medium color gemstone, be sure of what you want. 
  • Plating on silver jewelry will always come off after a while, we recommend leaving the ring un-plated. 
  • Choose a design based not only on external appearance but also for, long term durability. 
  • The metal weight should always be proportional to the ring size and overall dimensions of the jewel. 
  • Prongs can open up with wear and tear, this can loosen the gemstone and even cause it to drop off. 
  • Well crafted silver tanzanite rings for gents, with bezel gem setting are highly recommended. 

If you choose Kaisilver as your jewelry provider for your gents 925 silver tanzanite ring, we encourage you to communicate with their team of experts and get complete information before making any buying decision. It is quite possible that some of the points listed above might not be very well understood by a casual jewelry buyer, so asking for detailed explanations is highly recommended. 

Caring For Silver Tanzanite Rings: Every gemstone has its set of characteristics that need to be considered when the gem is being worn or handled, tanzanite is no exception. The interesting thing about the suggestions that we are just about to make for your gents silver tanzanite ring is that, much of the information is relevant to all jewelry - irrespective of the gem or metal selection. Do not expose your tanzanite ring to situations where, it is likely to be struck by physical impact. If you plan to go to the gym and play a game of squash, leave your tanzanite ring safely at home. Jewlery should not be exposed to strong solvents, chemicals, acids or detergents. We would also suggest that ultrasonic cleaners be kept away unless, the job is being done by a professional jeweler. Extreme heat can also damage a tanzanite gem, keep this in mind when wearing, cleaning or storing your gents tanzanite ring. When storing your gents silver tanzanite or any other jewel, do not bundle the jewels together. The best way would be to have a padded jewelry storage box where, each jewel has its own padded compartment. 

Silver jewelry will tarnish after a while, wipe your tanzanite silver ring with a piece of clean, moist soft cloth - do this frequently and it will reduce the chances of tarnish forming and its intensity. If you allow your gents sterling silver tanzanite ring to remain tarnished, the formation could become dark and stubborn - professional help might be required to polish the ring at that time. For a general cleaning operation of a gents tanzanite gemstone ring, all you should need is a bowl of clean water at room temperature, a soft toothbrush (use only for this purpose) and a few drops of mild liquid soap. The toothbrush will come in handy when, you wish to take off any dust or grime that is stuck under the stone. Keep a clean, dry and soft cloth handy, we will talk about this cloth later in this paragraph. Choose a recommended silver polish lotion or polishing fabric to clean your tarnished 925 silver gents ring. Follow the instructions provided on the material carefully. After the cleaning and polishing tasks are complete, rinse the ring in clean running water - the idea is to take out any residue from the cleaning agents that might be stuck to the gemstone or the metal. Use the dry, soft and clean cloth that we spoke about earlier in this paragraph and gently, dab the wet ring to drain off some of the water droplets. You want to let the cloth absorb the water so do not rub the ring with the cloth. Do not use any heater or blower to  hasten the drying process for your tanzanite gents silver ring. You can just leave it (in a safe place) on the piece of dry cloth and let it take its time to dry off. 

Kaisilver: Widely accepted to be the leading online source for high end custom made jewelry, we provide the same quality of workmanship for both gold and silver jewelry. The designs can be selected from our websites or provided by you, we do not place any limitations on your choice of gems. You can review our Men's Tanzanite Ring Collection, and request for any of those rings to be crafted in sterling silver. We also welcome your own design ideas to be custom made, email us along with any queries that you might have at sales@kaisilver.com and our support experts, will get back to you with details and suggestions.