Silver Engagement Rings

Silver For An Engagement Ring? Sure Why Not.

There was a time when the biggest and most expensive engagement ring was the best. Mind numbing marketing campaigns told us that, it was perfectly okay to get into debt just to get a pricey engagement ring. Fast forward to today and better sanity prevails, couples have learnt to take decisions and responsibility together - the results are more logical and wallet friendly. Sterling silver rings are the big thing today but wait a minute, we are not talking about those flimsy silver rings set with factory made look alike 'stones'. Armed with better knowledge and an open mindset, couples getting ready to tie-the-knot, insist on quality. Demand for 925 silver engagement rings with ruby and sapphire is on the rise, they are hot favorites. Having said that, we should add that the world of natural colored gems has never been so appreciated in the past - color rules and when it is of the natural sparkling variety, it gets even better. 

Rubies and sapphires are expensive and rare gemstones but, folklore and ancient customs makes them perfect for an engagement or wedding ring. Let us try to understand why a large number of sterling silver engagement rings are purchased, with these two gemstones. Blue sapphire symbolizes trust, faith and steadfast loyalty making it, an excellent candidate for a silver engagement ring. Ruby the other engagement ring favorite, signifies true love, status and fits in perfectly with the '...only woman in my life...' theme. 

And is it possible to get a silver engagement ring with a natural ruby or sapphire at a modest price. To answer this question you would need a basic understanding about gemstone treatments. Almost 90% of the rubies and sapphires seen in the markets today, are treated in some way or the other - this to improve their clarity and color. For many decades it was only the simple heat process that, was known to gemstone cutters and processing houses. After years of trial and error, gem experts have come up with a new form of treatment for rubies and sapphires. This process is known as the fissure filling treatment, the treated stones are referred to as fissure filled rubies or sapphires. Gemstones treated by this process are priced very moderately, this makes them suited for both gold and silver jewelry. Silver engagement rings with such fissure filled gems, are affordable and the gemstone look is absolutely awesome. These gems can cost as much 80% to 90% less than their conventionally heat treated ruby and sapphire counterparts. It is important to know that for all their beauty and affordability, fissure filled rubies and sapphires need a little bit of care and attention. Silver engagement rings featuring these fissure filled gems, should not be exposed to strong heat, physical impact or chemicals and solvents. Considering the affordable price and awesome beauty of such fissure filled gems, exerting a small effort to keep them in shape is surely worthwhile.  

Many couples decide to go for an affordable and elegant silver engagement ring and go for a more elaborate jewel, when their finances have settled to a comfortable level. This is really not a bad idea since engagements and weddings are times when, expenses can be quite heavy. Couples are becoming increasingly careful about, beginning their life together with a debt looming large. A more elaborate ring could be purchased to celebrate a milestone, the birth of the first child or the first wedding anniversary. It is important to understand that the decision to go for a 925 silver engagement ring is not about compromising, it is about taking a more practical view of life. And what about those who wish to proudly wear the silver engagement ring forever. That is perfectly OK, after all it is the relationship that matters the most not the ring that symbolizes it. 

We talked about ruby and sapphire for an engagement ring, we live in a time when color has become an essential element of our lives. This can be seen in the growing popularity of a whole range colored gems for matrimonial jewelry. Stylists agree that a ring to mark an important event like a wedding or engagement, should ideally have a natural gemstone and not a factory made substitute. This is not very complicated because, nature has bestowed us with a galaxy of awesome gems and fortunately, not all of them are as rare and as expensive as ruby and sapphire. 

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