Slim Rings, Ensuring Durability Is Essential


There is an interesting thing about slim rings, some of these answer the desires of jewelry lovers who love to wear sleek jewels. Others are more or less forced upon the buyer, these are made to save metal weight and cater to mass markets where, price is the major consideration. So what if you wish to have a quality slim ring that, is sleek and elegant but not flimsy and fragile. Few jewelers provide such jewelry especially, at a time when slagging world economies are increasingly leading consumers to accept cheap merchandise even if, that comes with quality compromises. Jewelat is one source that manufactures good quality silver and gold jewelry in Thailand and you should consider, this provider for your slim rings. So what exactly should you look for when choosing a slim ring that, looks awesome but can stand up to frequent wear. It is not a good idea to treat any jewelry roughly no matter, what the design, gemstone or price paid. Presuming that you take moderate care of your slim ring, the features of the jewel should also work to enhance the long term durability of the jewel. Let us list the major highlights of a quality slim ring. 

sapphire diamond ring slim
round gemstone diamond ring
slim gemstone ring, green tourmaline
diamond ring gold or silver

Slim Ring Highlights:

  • Could be gold or sterling silver, both should have quality workmanship.
  • Gemstone is generally the center of focus, look for a natural, and good gemstone.
  • Ensure that the metal weight is proportional to the dimensions of the ring.
  • Getting a slim ring by scooping too much of metal from the band, will yield a jewel that can bend and get damaged easily. 
  • A good design for a slim ring should ideally, be supported by metal work that is not scooped at all. 
  • Before you make any choice of merchandise, evaluate the jeweler and review merchandise on the website. 
  • Bezel setting for the gemstone in a slim ring is considered to be the most secure and long lasting. 

Just how much you should pay for a gold or 925 silver slim ring depends on what you want and your budget allocation. For example, getting a moderately priced slim silver ring with citrine is going to be much easier than, getting the same ring with a medium to good grade blue sapphire or ruby. No matter which ring you choose make sure that, there is no major quality compromise made as, this can often shorten the life of a jewel. 

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