Stud earrings are very popular with, girls and ladies of all ages. Interestingly diamond and plain stud earrings happen to be very popular with men too. Jewelry sellers generally stock a collection of stud earrings, simple styles in gold and silver are most likely to sell. One good thing about studs is that, they are timeless and never feel the pressure of fashion and trends. Earring lovers almost always, collect a few stud earrings even if, they favorite choice happens to be the long swinging chandelier type. Before you proceed to confirm your order for stud earrings to a factory, make sure that you have made a proper evaluation of the place. It might seem that these jewels are easy and simple to make so, just about any jewelry factory could fulfill such a production requirement. The truth is that these earrings can sometimes be quite complex to design and craft - so production needs to be handled carefully. 

If you happen to be ordering gold and 925 silver stud earrings, locate a jewelry factory that can produce earrings with both metal options. A good earring factory will be able to come up with valuable suggestions and advice, try to locate such a factory for your stud earrings. While stud earrings in their simplest form can be quite easy to produce, you will expect to stock variety in your collection - pick a few complex designs too. We recently came across a jewelry seller in Bangkok who, had some amazing opal stud earrings, the oval opal gem in the center was bezel set. For those of you who are aware of the physical characteristics of opal, you would know that it is only the very skilled gem setter who would attempt a bezel set for an opal gem. Stud earrings need not always be made of a single gemstone, small gemstones set close next to each other could also, give a gorgeous pair of stud earrings. Make sure the stud earring factory that you choose, has a team of highly skilled gem setters. 

Gemstones can enhance the beauty of any jewel, this means that gemstone stud earrings will surely please every market.  The stud earring jewelry factory that you choose should, be able to handle two important tasks related to gemstones. The first relates to gemstone procurement, it is quite likely that you would expect the factory to source the gems for your stud earrings. A factory that is well connected to main gem suppliers and knowledgeable about gemstone types, prices and gem treatments could be of tremendous help. The other task that the earring factory will need to be confident about is, gem setting. Different gems have different physical properties and this needs to be considered when setting the gemstone. Inexperienced gem setters can easily damage the gem during the setting process, this can lead to quality problems and also delay delivery schedules. 

If you plan to present your stud earrings with a good looking box or even, with a short note about the earrings or about the gemstones in the earrings, ask the jewelry factory whether procuring the box and packing the earrings in them is something that they can handle. This is a good way to put your stud earrings ahead of the rest, buyers appreciate knowing more about what they buy - basically you need to tell a story and weave it around the earrings. This can also enhance the perceived value of the jewels. 

An extension of gemstone stud earrings, is to choose gems based on a theme or special event. The most popular theme would relate to birthstones, gems that have traditionally been linked to a specific month or zodiac sign. Birthstone earrings can be purchased for self wear, they can also be gifted for mothers day or similar events. Don't forget anniversary gemstones for gold or 925 silver stud earrings, these can generally take higher price points as budgets are more liberally assigned. The stud earring factory might come up with design ideas but, keep one thing in mind. It is not necessary for gemstone studs to have just one single gem in the center. When it comes to expensive gems, choose a design concept where many smaller sized gems are used. 

Keep the above information on hand when you choose to manufacture your stud earrings. Make sure that the designs, gems and price points are all conducive to your market. The idea is to keep non-selling and slow moving stocks to the minimum. Unsold inventories and low margin sales have killed far too many jewelry businesses in the past decade. 

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