Size 15 Ring, Metal Weight

Optimizing Metal Weight For A Big Ring, Size 15

You might have come across jewelers selling a ring that could range in size from 8 to 15. The interesting thing is that all rings in all these sizes are assigned the same metal weight. So what, should be the weight range of big rings, more specifically of a size 15 ring. In this report we talk about  large rings crafted in gold and 925 silver. We need to make a very scientific statement, try to understand it. If you had to take a specific volume of silver and the same volume of gold, the weight of the gold piece would be much more than that of the silver piece. This is because gold has a higher specific gravity as compared to gold. 

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Kaisilver the leading online provider of fine custom made jewelry recommends that, men's rings be crafted with a minimum metal weight of 20 grams. For reasons explained in above paragraph, a silver ring with the same dimensions might weigh around 15 grams. Now if the same ring had to be made in size 15, you would need a higher metal weight to maintain the durability of the jewel. While a precise estimate would depend on the specific design and dimensions of the ring, we would recommend no less than 25 to 30 grams for the jewel. 

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Let us talk about few features that can add to the required metal weight for a big ring like a size 15 ring. If you look at a ring from the inside of the band, it is very likely that you will notice a scooping of the metal. Whether this type of scooping compromises the toughness of a big size 15 ring, would depend on the degree of scooping. It is not uncommon for men to specifically, request for a solid band with no scooping done on the inside. This request will undoubtedly increase the optimum weight of the ring. 

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A little note on the width of a big ring behind the finger. Consider a size 15 ring with a head height of around 15mm which is 1.5cm. If you had a tapered band that ended with a width of 5mm band width, the metal weight would obviously be moderated. On the other hand if you did a mild taper for the big ring and went from 15mm in the front to 8mm behind the finger, the design concept would significantly raise the optimum metal weight requirement for the ring. 

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The above report has comprehensively explained the issues related to metal weight for a large ring, we took a size 15 ring for our explanation. We should say a bit more about the durability of a big ring. It is not just the metal weight that will influence the toughness of the jewel, other features like the gem selected, the type of gem mounting and even the workmanship will have a direct impact on the durability of the jewel. 

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