Jewelry Thailand, Notes And Tips

Thailand Jewelry, Notes

A bunch of important and interesting reports related to gemstones and jewelry. While you can find a lot of jewelry online and offline, more than 80% of those items, will be sold with incomplete or even wrong information. We invite you to become a regular visitor to this website and more importantly, to this section. We discuss issues that most jewelers prefer to be silent about. And at the end of the day, the sad story is that most gem and jewelry sellers know very little about what they sell. 

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band rings

Gold and silver bands from Thailand, crafted with diamonds or gemstones of your choice. Built to last for decades these band rings have high end workmanship and naturals gemstones certified by independent gem testing labs. Review the band collection ... more

inclusions in quartz rutile

Why is rutilated quartz exempt from the rule that, inclusions in gemstones reduce their value. The rutile inclusions in quartz attract both gem connoisseurs and jewelry lovers. We talk about rutile inclusions, quartz formation and the color of the inclusions ... more

custom rings thailand

Custom made rings from Thailand, choosing the right custom jewelry provider is as important as choosing the design and gemstones for your custom ring. Kaisilver has been the leading global online provider for high end custom made jewelry for over a decade. Learn more about custom made rings in the report ... more

sapphire white gold ring

Custom rings from Kaisilver. An impressive sapphire gold ring also expertly crafted in sterling silver. A great ring for a wedding or engagement, you can also wear the blue sapphire ring for casual wear. Get details and price quotes, check the full report at ... more

mens birthstone rings

Make your men's gemstone even more special by choosing a custom made ring from Kaisilver Thailand. Wear a custom gold or 925 silver ring that, includes all your preferences - your design, your choice of gemstone, your pick of the metal and ... more

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