DiaEx Explains The Diamond Price Calculator

DiaEx Expert, Talks About Diamond Price Calculators 

Visit the www.diaex.info website and you cannot miss the link to the diamond price estimator also known as a calculator. We talked to Olga Rosina a diamond veteran with more than 2 decades of industry experience, she began with a simple but important statement, '... we need to clearly differentiate, between a diamond price list and a price estimator or calculator. Most diamond dealers have price list of their own, this list will quite obviously, reflect their own business interest ...'. So how is a price estimator or calculator different, from a price list. This is something that we will be discussing throughout this report. Taking the Diamond Price Estimator (DPE) developed as part of the DiaEx platform as an example, we can explain the essential features of a reliable diamond price tool. Since the Glitzkoin project is the first diamond blockchain to be promoted by a diamond veteran (Navneet Goenka), it is fair to say that the DPE price calculator maintains a high degree of reliability. The price tool draws information from diamond markets across the globe. The information that is gathered is processed through a series of complex algorithms. Demand and supply conditions are factored into the derived figures. Diamond prices are estimated with an accuracy of +/- 20%, this is indeed very impressive.

 We asked Olga Rosina about just how, unbiased the results of the diamond price calculator were. The diamond veteran provided a logical explanation, ' ... the Glitzkoin project was conceptualized to improve efficiency and market scope, for the 90 billion dollar diamond industry. The DiaEx diamond exchange is a trading platform that  is meant to benefit both, buyers and sellers. If the diamond price results delivered by calculator, were done to favor sellers - buyers would soon realize the mood and leave the platform. A similar situation would arise if the, DPE tool favored buyers ...'. 

It is not just professional diamond traders that can benefit from a reliable diamond price calculator. A person totally unconnected to the diamond trade, might wish to know the price of a diamond that he or she owns. The best way to go about this would be to first, have the diamond certified from a reputed testing laboratory. The certificate would then have all the necessary parameters that, a diamond price estimator would require to assess the price of the stone. A diamond buyer could also get a fairly good estimate about, the amount that he or she would have to spend to get the diamond of their choice. 

The Glitzkoin Diamond Price Estimator (DPE) can be accessed from the website at https://glitzkoin.com/ click the PRICE ESTIMATOR bar to start using the tool. Buyers and sellers can use this high utility tool at no cost.