Wholesale Brass Jewelry

Brass jewelry has established a wholesale jewelry segment of it's own, and finding a brass jewelry factory in Thailand should not be much of a problem. Have a clear definition of quality levels that you would accept for your brass wholesale jewelry requirements. Some brass jewelry sellers are willing to press down costs at all levels, this means that the quality of workmanship can be quite mediocre. On the other hand, brass jewelry manufacturers also handle orders that, use brass and cheaper imitation gems but, insist on better quality craftsmanship. When discussing your requirements with a Thai jewelry manufacturer, be upfront with your quality expectations. And if you have a very tight allocation for labor expenses, check the quality that you will be offered at that price. If the brass jewelry that you plan to purchase is to be resold to another retail or wholesale jewelry seller, skin tight profit margins will make it all the more necessary to clearly explain your requirements to the jewelry factory. 

Many jewelry importers in the U.S and some European nations, have strict regulations related to the metals that are combined to make an alloy. Brass is not found in the form of a single mineral, it is an alloyed metal and the composition can vary. Before you pick a wholesale brass jewelry order make sure that, you have understood the alloy specifications required by your client. Having done that, discuss the alloy with your brass jewelry factory. You will need more than a simple word of mouth affirmation from your jewelry manufacturer. Take a piece of brass alloy that will be used to process your order and have it independently checked, at an assay (testing) office. At the time of placing the order for the jewelry, take a written statement from the brass jewelry factory - this should clearly mention the composition of the brass alloy that will be used. Once the production of the brass jewelry is complete, let the invoice or delivery note come with a certified document stating compliance of alloy requirement. In particular pay attention to lead and nickel in the brass alloy, ensure that your client sees and approves the assay report of the alloy that will be used. 

You might have come across wholesale brass jewelry with cheap imitation gems or CZ but, you can technically manufacture this jewelry with natural gems or lab created gems too. The gem selection would undoubtedly depend on the price points (both cost and sales price) that you plan to fix. Some popular Television based jewelry sellers make it a point to stay, within the 3$ - 4$ cost price range for their brass jewelry. These items are generally sold at the magical sales price of 9.99$. One leading gem and jewelry provider who offers a higher grade of brass jewelry, controls cost within the 10$ to 15$ range and sales are made at 25$ to 30$.  None of these T.V jewelry retailers make their own jewelry, we know of just one who has a production base in China and India. What you will see is that, the price of wholesale brass jewelry which can pull a fairly large market base, is targeted at a range of (cost) price points. The brass jewelry factory that you choose will depend on the price point that you are keen to achieve. It is quite obvious that, finding a suitable Thai brass jewelry manufacturer will become easier as the price point of the product moves up. 

Every jewelry consumer will ultimately be interested in knowing just how long, their brass jewelry would remain in a 'wearable' condition. While not all brass jewelry sellers reveal this information, you might have to explain the type of plating that is being used to your buyer. Terms like 'silver over brass' or 'rhodium over brass' imply that, the brass jewel is plated with silver or rhodium. Very few brass jewelry manufacturers get orders for wholesale jewelry that, does not have to be plated. You need to know the various options available for plating wholesale brass jewelry and then, need to evaluate the options and discuss availability and price with the brass jewelry manufacturer. Let us briefly tell you what the general plating options are. Micron plating as it is referred to, measures the thickness of the plating done on your brass jewelry. A quick dip type of plating deposits around 0.25 microns of metal on your jewel. The thicker the plating (more microns) the higher the cost. In general it would be fair to say that, the higher the microns, the longer the plating lasts. Though not very common in brass jewelry factories in Thailand, IP plating offers a durable option. The plating can last for as long as a year but, as of now gold and silver cannot be processed to deliver an IP plating. 

Talking about styles and concepts produced in brass jewelry today, you could define two broad categories. Probably the most popular option is to produce wholesale brass jewelry with designs to match, the trend in sterling silver jewelry. But gems might be adjusted to reflect the desired price point for brass jewelry. There is a very interesting class of brass jewelry that is gaining market share these days. These jewels have some classic styles and are adorned with semi precious gems, both opaque and transparent. They feature better designs and finer workmanship, they obviously cost much more than their 3$ counterparts. Not many brass jewelry factories have promoted such a product range but, you could take the lead and discuss the idea with a Thai jewelry manufacturer. 

Thailand is well equipped to fulfill your brass jewelry requirements, all it will take is some time to negotiate and explain your requirements. Unless you are unfortunate to be stuck with a skinny 1$ to 1.5$ labor component budget, Thai jewelry factories will be interested in taking up your project. 

It might not be easy to find a wholesale brass jewelry seller in Thailand that, stocks a ready stock of diverse brass jewels. Unlike silver or even gold jewelry, brass jewelry does not have the capability to be melted down and reused. So unless all you need are brass chains or jewelry findings made from brass, be prepared to work with a Thai brass jewelry factory to get your requirements fulfilled. Keep your selling perspective in mind when, shopping for brass jewelry in Thailand. Does your selling process involve a 'returns policy', what sort of quality image do you wish to portray for your wholesale brass jewelry. Should the Thai jewelry factory that is manufacturing your brass jewelry be required to plate the jewelry, if so, how long do you expect the plating on your brass jewelry to last. Make sure that the jewelry factory not only understands your requirements but is also able to deliver the required quality.