Thailand Wholesale 925 Silver Jewelry

Bangkok Thailand Wholesale Silver Jewelry

You might have heard that Thailand and especially Bangkok is a great place to shop for silver wholesale jewelry. Being a globally known center for gems and jewelry, Thailand is indeed a happening place for the industry. What you should know is that, the term 'wholesale jewelry' encompasses a wide range of styles, designs, price points, gemstones and quality. Having said that you would be glad to know that, Thailand can deliver wholesale 925 silver jewelry to suit practically every market on the globe. 

If you have visited Bangkok about 5 to 7 years ago, you would see rows of silver shops down the Charoen Krung Road, towards Suriwong Road and Silom. These shops sold silver jewelry by weight, minimum order (weight) size was often stipulated. Walked down the same road now and you would notice that, many of those shops have either shut or changed their business model. So has the demand for Bangkok wholesale silver jewelry crashed, the answer is now. What has changed is buyer preference, an increasing number of jewelry lovers are today demanding quality. And more often than not, they are willing to pay the premium price that quality jewelry commands. 

Another very important factor related to wholesale jewelry is the, selection of gemstones. While synthetic and imitation stones are not totally extinct, they have seem a slide in demand among knowledgeable customers. With information easily accessible on the TV shopping channels and on the internet, buyers know a lot about gemstones - they also know a lot more gemstones. Very few wholesale silver jewelry providers have responded to the demand for precious gems in silver jewelry. The truth is that not many jewelry providers set natural rubies, sapphires and emeralds in 925 silver jewelry but, that is something that buyers expect today. 

The reports in this section will provide some valuable and interesting information related to wholesale sterling silver jewelry in Thailand. We might mention here that, while Bangkok dominates the jewelry scene in the country, other centers have also sprung up. Surrounding provinces like Ayuthaya and Nakhon Pathom are not very far from Bangkok. A few reputed jewelry manufacturers have set up business in these areas. 

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