Sapphire Rings

Rings With Sapphire Gemstone

Rings with sapphire are generally reserved for special occasions and there could be a few reasons for this. Being one of the most durable natural gemstones, sapphires are suited for special event and daily wear. It would not be surprising if your sapphire gemstone ring, has a gem that exceeds in value (cost) to the gold in the ring. Sapphires are rare, they have been sought after all through history. The fact that sapphires come in a range of colors and not just blue, came to light in recent times. Jewelry lovers are today aware about white, pink, orange, yellow, green and blue sapphire gems but blue remains the dominating color when it comes to rings with sapphire. Kaisilver can craft a sapphire ring with your design or ours. Gold and silver rings have the same fine quality standards. Contact us at with any questions or requirements that you might have. 

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sapphire claddagh ring

The RG126n is a perfect rendition of the 4 century old claddagh ring. A blue sapphire claddagh gemstone ring, custom made in white, yellow or pink gold and sterling silver. While you can pick any gem for your claddagh ring, sapphires  are available in pink, green, blue and yellow. Custom made in all ring sizes ... more

multi gemstone sapphire ring

A multi gemstone ring with a blue sapphire gem included. This design  is perfect for a family birthstone ring, you could also combine different sapphire colors in this gold or silver ring. We can also custom make a ring with sapphire with a design concept provided by you. The ring is suitable for all occasions ... more

antique silver ring star sapphire

A classic sapphire silver ring, antique design and multi gemstone. Shown is a gorgeous star sapphire in the center and a pear shaped white topaz on either side. You could pick a faceted blue, green, pink, or yellow sapphire for the center. All 3 gems can be selected by you. Custom ring in gold or silver ... more

men's sapphire gold or silver ring

Not often that you come across such luxury in a sapphire ring, an oval blue sapphire set in finely handcrafted gold or sterling silver ring. Hefty metal weight ensures that you get a tough men's gemstone ring. We can also craft a sapphire ring with a design concept or image provided by you ... more.

sapphire gemstone ring for men

A lavish sapphire and ruby gemstone ring, a symbol of style and  status. This is a big ring with a significant metal weight. We can also craft a men's sapphire gemstone ring with a design provided by you. You can order this ring with all gem combinations in gold or sterling silver. A sturdy and durable ring ... more

sapphire diamond ring

A classic sapphire diamond look, an antique design intricately crafted by expert artisans in Thailand. You could order this yellow, pink or white gold ring with gems of your choice. Consider ordering the RG237 ring with a combination of different sapphire gem colors. Also available as a regular band ring ... more

sapphire gold ring for men thailand

Crafted by skilled artisans in Thailand, the MAN64s sapphire gemstone ring for men is rugged, durable and stylish. Constructed to withstand decades of wear and tear, this men's sapphire ring can be ordered in 14k or 18k white, yellow or pink gold. The gold and silver ring have the same superior workmanship ... more

white gold sapphire gemstone ring

A pretty organic design for this sapphire gold ring, also crafted in sterling silver with the same quality standards. Choose a single sapphire color like blue, yellow or get a splash of color by mixing different sapphire colors in the same ring. Suited for both casual and formal wear the ring is perfect for an engagement ring ... more

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Sapphire: It is interesting to know that sapphire and ruby are closely related, they both belong to the corundum mineral family. It was presumed for centuries that, all sapphires are blue and this explains why, much of the folklore and tradition linked to the gemstone has implied blue sapphire. Having said that, your ring with sapphire from Kaisilver, can be ordered with blue, pink, yellow or green sapphire. The gemstone has always symbolized loyalty and truth, in ancient times it was associated with royalty and aristocracy. A sapphire gemstone ring would generally fall in the upper price bracket and this is why, you will find the ring often reserved for special occasions. 

Sapphire gemstone rings are popular among men and  women, men's sapphire rings are generally ordered with blue or yellow sapphire. No matter what sapphire color you pick for your ring you can rest assured that, the gem would look awesome in  all metal colors. Just to repeat what was mentioned above, Kaisilver rings with sapphires in gold or sterling silver, have the same superior quality standards. 

Known for centuries sapphire is one of the most celebrated gemstones. The birthstone charts mark sapphire as the birthstone for the month of September. So if you happen to be born in  September, a sapphire gemstone ring would have a special significance for you. It is not just wedding or engagement rings that are often worn with sapphires, milestones like wedding anniversaries are also marked with the precious gemstone. So for those celebrating a 5th, 45th or 70th wedding anniversary - a ring with sapphire is the perfect way to celebrate. 

Kaisilver sapphire rings are crafted by highly skilled artisans in Thailand. Natural sapphires that are certified by independent labs are used for all rings. We craft high end jewelry like it was meant to be - giving equal emphasis to appearance and long term durability.  

How To Order: Whether it is a sapphire ring that you need or any other jewel, do not be in a hurry to rush your order and payment. Each item shown on this page has a link to the complete report, take your time to review the detailed information. Discuss your requirements with the Kaisilver team at and make sure that you have all your questions answered. We can also craft your jewel with a design concept provided by you. There is a production lead time of 4 to 5 weeks from the date of order confirmation and receipt of payment. While we do accept payments through Paypal and Western Union, we recommend Paypal for first time buyers. Let us know which payment mode suits you and we will provide details for the same.  

Who Is Kaisilver: Serving over 12,000 seasoned gem and jewelry lovers across 15 nations, we are widely regarded as the world's leading online custom jewelry provider. A team of highly skilled and dedicated jewelry artisans and gem cutters in Thailand, execute all Kaisilver jewelry orders. We prove our commitment to quality by assigning the same team to both gold and silver orders. Networked to gem mining and cutting operations in most countries, we have preferential access to over 200 million carats of gemstones. This ensures that we provide our clients with the best gems at every price point. Your gem selection need not be limited to what you see on our website - we can procure and custom cut a gem from any point on the globe. Our experts at will like to help you with any information  or advice that you might need. We encourage you take advantage of our expertise even if, you plan to purchase nothing from us.