Custom Diamond Band Ring

Custom Diamond Band

You are not likely to have a problem finding a ready made diamond band but, there are a number of reasons why you should go for a custom ring. Diamond rings are generally priced in the upper price bracket. Most of us reserve the purchase of diamond bands for a special occasion, it is therefore important to get the best value for the money you pay. A custom diamond band, can have every design feature personalized as per your preference. In this report we provide some awesome ideas to guide you, the Kaisilver RG180 diamond band is taken as an example. 

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Band Width: The general understanding was that, a diamond band ring would have a uniform band width all around the ring. This is no longer the case, many buyers feel that a tapered band is more comfortable to wear. As an example, the RG180 diamond ring, has a head height of around 7mm to 8mm but this tapers to around 4mm to 5mm behind the finger. If you order your diamond band ring from Kaisilver, you define the structure of the band that you wish to have. Each ring is made to order and can include all your preferences. Another feature that will directly influence the band width is the number of gems or diamonds set in the ring and their size. The ring as shown, is crafted with 2 round diamonds and stone size could be 2.5mm or 3mm. 

Gems And Diamonds: You can choose the diamonds or gems that you want for your custom band, we can also combine diamonds and gems in the same ring. The ring is presented as a diamond band but,  you could replace any or all of the diamonds with gemstones. Kaisilver gets substantial requests for a change of diamond or gemstone shapes for this ring, buyers generally request for the round stones to be replaced with square ones. Adding a few gems or diamonds to the existing two, can help increase the head height of the ring. The 2.5mm and 3mm diamond options also offers some scope for band width adjustment, you could go for even larger sizes. Most gems are priced more affordably than diamonds, this means that gem sizes as large as 5mm, 6mm and 7mm are likely to fit your budget. Larger gem / diamond sizes and increasing their number, allows for a broader band width, this comes in handy for men's band rings. 

Metal Weight: This is a very important feature but also the most ignored, feature for quality jewelry. A custom diamond band should, optimize the metal weight based on the ring size and other ring dimensions. A woman's band ring should generally have a weight of around 10 to 15 grams. And if you pick the ring as a men's diamond ring, aim for a minimum metal weight of 20 to 25 grams. A tapered band width will obviously call for a lower metal weight as compared to a band ring with, a uniform band width. Another option that can call for a higher metal weight is the, requirement for a solid band that is not scooped inside. At Kaisilver,  each ring is custom made and crafted with a calculated weight that takes all features into consideration. 

Pair Of Rings: The design concept for the RG180 diamond band, would look awesome for both men and women. Matching rings are considered to be symbolic of the meaning of an engagement or wedding. It is important to understand that, it is only the overall concept that needs to be similar, the size, band width and gem / diamond selection for each ring can differ. The men's ring could have a larger band width,  the suggestions in the above paragraphs would be useful to handle this requirement. 

Etching In Band: Personalize your custom diamond band with a short message etched inside the band. You could request for a date, a short name or just initials, to be etched. The idea is to make the jewel memorable and also to mark a special event for which it was worn or purchased. Simple fonts preferably in bold face (all capitals) are more readable, a long message might be tough to read with the naked eye. 

The above report should convince you that a made to order diamond band is the way to go. However there are a few things that you need to keep in mind. Since a made to order diamond band ring, would be made from start to finish without deploying prefabricated molds, there is a lead time involved in production. While most jewelers rush through production and then do a hurried Q.C (quality control) check, at Kaisilver each production process is followed by stringent quality inspections. Pieces that do not get a 100% clearance, are remade. This is precisely the reason why we request a production time of 4 to 6 weeks from the date of order confirmation. So the bottom line is that, the search for a custom wedding band should begin well in advance of the required date. And as you go about selecting a jewelry provider remember the golden rule - ' value the jeweler before you evaluate the jewel'. You can contact the Kaisilver support team at with any queries that you might have. 

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