bangkok wholesale jewelry

The requirements for wholesale jewelry in Bangkok are quite high and fortunately, you have many options to choose from when shopping for wholesale gold or silver jewelry in Bangkok, Thailand. There are two clear segments on the supply side of wholesale jewelry in Thailand. The first is the availability of large quantities of jewelry that can be picked off the shelf, no production wait times, no waiting for deliveries. The second segment for the sourcing of wholesale jewelry in Bangkok relates to the process where, you get the metal, designs, gems and quality standards that you require for your jewelry. This would obviously imply that, you get your jewelry manufactured in jewelry factories in or near Bangkok. In this report we provide a clear view of both scenarios, Bangkok in particular and Thailand in general is a very resourceful place to fulfill your wholesale jewelry requirements - you should therefore spend some time understanding the contents of this report. 

Let us begin with ways in which you can get wholesale jewelry in Bangkok that is ready to pick, pay and take away. Let's not comment too critically on the quality issues involved in this type of jewelry sourcing in Bangkok, suffice it to say that,  you get what you pay for. The simplest way to buy wholesale jewelry in Bangkok is to visit the Silom and Bangrak areas in the heart of the city. The roads to keep in mind, to buy wholesale jewelry in Bangkok that can be picked off the shelf is the New Road (Main Post Office Road). Attached to this road is a small portion of Suriwong Road, where you will find around 5 to 6 shops offering wholesale jewelry. Though the main gems and jewelry trading center is around Silom Road and Mahesak Road, not much of ready made wholesale jewelry is available in that locality. Expect to find more of single piece higher quality gold and probably silver jewels there. So for the real wholesale jewelry buyer, looking for bargains that can be resold to make some money - stick to New Road and the small length of Suriwong Road. 

Shops selling Bangkok wholesale jewelry generally offer silver jewelry, some stocks of brass jewelry that is plated with silver or even gold, have surfaced in recent years. If you require the sterling silver standard for the metal in your wholesale jewelry, confirm and re-confirm this with the seller before, getting into discussions on designs, price and selling terms. The least you can do is to ensure that the jewelry you pick is stamped 925 (the mark for sterling silver). Keep in  mind that very few of these wholesale jewelry stores will take back merchandise. Unless you have a very long term relationship with the jewelry store, it is unlikely that purchase returns would ever be accepted. Some of these Bangkok jewelry stores have minimum purchase requirements in terms of total weight or total invoice amount. Expect to see a 'Wholesale Sales Only' signs on the doors of many Bangkok wholesale jewelry vendors and this, can get a bit more direct with signs that say 'No Retail Sales'. Should you need an official tax invoice for your purchase, make it known to the shop right at the start, don't take anything for granted - that is the best policy for reducing shopping stress!

Let's shift focus to the second option for fulfilling your wholesale jewelry requirements in Bangkok and Thailand. If you need wholesale jewelry that complies with specific metal, design, gemstone or quality requirements - getting your jewelry manufactured is the best option. Factories in Thailand can manufacture jewelry of all grades, styles and qualities - the rule that you get what you paid for, applies here too. Depending on the size of your wholesale jewelry order, you could either communicate online and confirm the order or think of flying down for a short visit to get things going. Since it is quite likely that today's business environment will not allow you to incur high overheads, make sure that the Bangkok wholesale jewelry factory that you choose can communicate well through phone, internet, emails etc. Talking to a jewelry factory face-to-face and explaining requirements can be very different from, communicating from a distance through other means of communication. No matter what process and form of communication you use to get your jewelry requirements understood and order confirmed, ensure that the final agreement on various issues is done in writing - an email on record could be sufficient in most cases. The resources listed below might be of interest to you if, you happen to be looking for a jewelry production facility in Bangkok or Thailand in general. 

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