Silver Rings With Ruby And Sapphire 

Gemstones that are as popular as rubies and sapphires, will have a very wide market. This can be seen not only in the gold jewelry sector but is also very visible, in the strong demand for silver ruby and sapphire gemstone rings. You would be aware that ruby and sapphire are expensive gems even when, the gems are not in the top quality range. Given the fact that most people prefer silver jewelry for it's lower price point, how do you manage to make ruby and sapphire sterling silver rings at a price level that would support  mass markets. We have seen people boasting of their gorgeous 4-5 carat ruby silver ring, the jewel apparently cost them around 25 U.S$!

So how do these amazing ruby rings manage to be marketed at prices that are well below 100 U.S$. To understand the business logistics here, you need to get to the bottom of these so called 'ruby' gemstones. In this report we will talk about the various gem options that would be available, for manufacturing silver ruby rings. We would strongly advice that, you sell your ruby rings with complete disclosure about the gemstone. Deceptive gem descriptions and confusing names can lead to legal trouble. 

Cheap Imitation Stones: The 4 carat 25 U.S$ silver ruby ring that we talked about above, is in reality a ring with a piece of red colored glass. An imitation gem is a stone that is man made and does not, work too hard to clone the gem that it hopes to imitate. An imitation ruby could be made of plastic, resin, acrylic or even glass, all it takes is a red coloring to call itself an imitation 'ruby'.  As you would guess, these so called rubies would be inexpensive and can be manufactured in any size that you wish. There is a market for such ruby silver rings but you need to make sure that, your customer is aware of the type of 'ruby' that he or she would be getting. 

Lab Created Gems: A person with knowledge about gems would tell you that, a lab created ruby gem is the next best thing to a natural ruby. When you talk about a lab created or synthetic silver ruby ring, you are referring to a gem that was made in a laboratory. However this type of ruby gem, does much more than just imitate the color of the natural gem.  A synthetic or lab created ruby replicates the physical, chemical and optical properties of a natural ruby gem. The entire process required to create a lab created ruby is very advanced and scientific. Highly specialized gem testing equipment is required to accurately separate, lab created rubies from their natural counterparts. While a lab created ruby or sapphire 925 silver ring, would be much more expensive than a ring with an imitation ruby, the price of the lab created stone would be many times cheaper than that of a natural ruby.  Buyers would be far more ready to pick a lab created or synthetic gemstone ring if, they fully understood the features of the stone. 

Natural Fissure Filled Stones:  Many silver ruby and sapphire rings in recent years, are made with fissure filled gems. These gemstones start off as natural gemstones and are treated, to heal their internal fissures and cracks. The technique is more common with rubies where, very low grade ruby gems are fissure filled to yield gorgeous looking gems with good color and clarity. The interesting thing about fissure filled rubies and sapphires is that, they carry the prefix 'natural' in front of the stone name 'ruby'. The important thing to note is that, the fissure filling process does cause some compromise on the durability and overall value of the gemstone. The price of these rubies can be a few hundred times cheaper as compared to, natural rubies with a similar look. The supply of fissure filled rubies and sapphires is much more plentiful and can therefore, handle wholesale jewelry requirements too. 

Natural With Conventional Heating: The fact that rubies and sapphires have almost always been heat treated to improve their color and transparency is no secret. This process is many decades old and needs to be distinguished, from the more recent treatment processes that also involve heat. Let us refer to this heat process as 'conventional' heating. Interestingly rubies and sapphires put through this process are accepted even by gem experts, the treatment does not reduce the value of the stone. So what it means is that, there rubies and sapphire belong to the 'expensive' category of gemstones. Wholesale silver ruby and gemstone rings are unlikely to be set with such stones as, the price point is not suitable for mass markets. However we have come across, single piece fine silver rings set with a fine ruby or sapphire of this type - but, the price point is not suited to wholesale jewelry transactions. 

Natural And Untreated: An interesting choice for silver ruby and sapphire rings but, you need to understand a few things here. Gems are heated to enhance their beauty, untreated gems could show two clear cut categories. A gem manufacturer might leave a gem untreated because, it is already gorgeous in it's natural condition. Such gems can be very expensive and this is very true of untreated ruby and sapphire. A gem that is not very pretty might also be left untreated, in which case, the price might be moderate but the clarity, color and transparency is unlikely to be very attractive. Technically it is possible to use natural untreated rubies and sapphires in silver rings but, this is not done very often. Single custom made silver ruby or sapphire rings might, show some interest in such rubies but we can confidently say  that, wholesale silver ruby or sapphire rings very rarely use this ruby option. 

ruby and sapphire silver rings

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