Bangkok Silver Rings And Jewelry Thailand

Silver Rings & Jewelry Bangkok

In this report we would be talking about buying silver rings and other 925 silver jewelry in retail, and what your options for this are in Bangkok. On the other hand if your requirement is really for wholesale silver jewelry, refer to the Wholesale Silver Jewelry Report, that we have compiled on the topic. If you were on the look out for a single silver ring in Bangkok, it is likely that you need the jewel for your personal use or probably, to gift it to someone. It is not uncommon for buyers to shop for retail silver jewelry in Thailand with the aim of, reselling the merchandise through smaller stores or even on the internet. The objective of the purchase is important because, it can significantly influence the level of quality and even the price points that you are  aiming for. 

Most jewelry stores in the business districts of Bangkok are geared to sell merchandise in the medium to high price range. These stores are ready to sell you even a single ring but, sterling silver might not be one of their strong points. Rows of silver jewelry shops can be seen along the New Road in the Silom, Bangrak area but, most are meant for wholesale silver jewelry buyers. If you find a 'Wholesale Only' or 'No Retail' board right on the front of the shop, don't waste your time trying to enter and convince the staff to sell you a single sterling silver ring. Choose a shop which is marked 'Wholesale and Retail' or not marked at all. Things might be a bit easier if you, plan to pick a few sterling silver rings or silver jewels even if, each of these styles would be purchased in single pieces. Do not expect prices to be cheap, so evaluate the possibilities if you plan to do a resale. 

The interesting fact is that, not every jewelry lover picks a silver ring just because it is cheaper than gold. We know of some high end silver ring buyers in the U.S and Europe - these clients pay as much as 300 U.S$ to 500 U.S$, for fine sterling silver rings that are custom made. The emphasis is on quality in terms of design, craftsmanship and metal weight. You might say that, 90% of such fine silver jewelry requirements are fulfilled through high end custom jewelry providers. A few reliable custom jewelry providers, hold substantial market share when it comes to such requirements. We really do not know of many jewelry stores in Bangkok where, you can buy such fine silver jewelry off the shelf. The advantage of custom silver jewelry is that, you get the design, dimensions and gemstones of your choice. On the other hand, buying ready made silver rings and other jewelry means that, you make do with what is available in the shop. There is a trade off in terms of time because, fine custom made jewelry (whether gold or silver) does, take time to be completed - this could be around 4 to 6 weeks depending on the season, design and gemstone selected. 

If you are very particular about the metal in your silver ring complying to the 925 sterling silver purity standard and wish, to ensure the type of gemstones in the jewel are synthetic, imitation or natural (based on your choice), make sure that you buy from a silver jewelry source that can be trusted. A roadside vendor or a small kiosk selling silver rings in Bangkok might, refer to a 50% purity silver ring with, a piece of red glass in the center as a ' sterling silver ruby ring'! Such issues are present in just about every nation so, basic awareness and care is essential when picking a seller. The ideal way would be to take along a friend, relative or acquaintance who is familiar with jewelry or knows of, a reliable silver jewelry store. A self proclaimed agent or a taxi or tuk-tuk driver might not be the best choice, so keep basic common sense alive. 

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