Aquamarine Engagement Ring

Gemstone Aquamarine Engagement Ring 

An engagement ring symbolizes a promise between two people, this is true today and has been true for a very long time. This is a solemn promise, that is meant to lead to a marriage in the not so distant future. The earliest records of these rings tell us that grass, knotted threads and even strands of hair were used to form a ring round the finger. Take a big leap forward and you will hear about how diamonds were absolutely necessary for an engagement ring. Marketing specialists even managed to convince you that, an engagement ring should be worth at least 2 months of the guy's earnings. 

Fortunately more maturity exists now and couples ready to tie the knot, are taking their own decisions. The emergence of gemstone engagement rings is robust and well settled today. Diamonds might be all about glitter and show but, colored gems hold the essence to individual expression, they seem to have a soul and character of their own. Aquamarine is a close cousin of the emerald, they come from the same mineral family namely, beryl. This pastel blue gem is not flashy, surely not the gem to turn heads but, it is the elegance and refined look of the gem that draws both men and women. Most formal dresses and outfit colors feel comfortable when worn with aquamarine, the gem raises your style statement without making a fuss or shout. 

We did mention that colored gems shave character, what exactly does that mean. Folklore, traditions and customs are tagged to most gems, some of these traditions have stood the test of time. Aquamarine is wrapped in some awesome folklore, this seems to be directly related to personal relationships and family. Reputed crystal healers today will tell you that, aquamarine is the gem for harmony and reconciliation, it helps relationships develop and flourish. Married like and bringing up a family is all about understanding, love and harmony - chaos and distrust would develop in the absence of these qualities. It is probably the serene blue color of the gem that relates it to the calmness of the waters, this in turn helps a person feel at ease even in tough times. 

So when you wear an aquamarine engagement ring you strike a pleasant and calm note, you also make a statement that does not require you scream or shout out loud. An uncomplicated design will serve you even better, you can wear the ring to any place and at any time. The pastel blue color of the gem might give the gem a delicate and gentle appearance but, this is far from reality. Aquamarine is tough and durable, it will take very little to keep your aquamarine engagement ring in shape for decades. 

RNMN01 Engagement Ring Highlights:

  • The ring adorns an authentic, custom cut 7mm round aquamarine gem in the center.
  • You could request for a square, oval or cushion shaped gem for your ring. 
  • The glitter around the stone extends into the band with 1.5mm round diamonds. 
  • The ring is custom made in gold or 925 silver, with good workmanship. 
  • You can pick 14k or 18k in white, yellow or rose gold. 
  • Since each ring is made to order, all ring sizes can be accommodated. 
  • Design changes or complete overhaul are possible on request. 
  • You can choose any gem and not just aquamarine for your ring. 
  • The ring has a good metal weight with no scooping inside the band. 

If you happen to be born in the month of March, wearing an aquamarine engagement ring is all the more special for you. The birthstone charts list aquamarine as the March birthstone. The practice of wearing a birthstone engagement ring is not new, it has however acquired a much wider acceptance in recent years. 

Pricing And Buying: Before you make a purchase, get complete details of options and prices in the RNMN01 Aquamarine Ring Report, you can also contact the Kaisilver support team at the email mentioned below. We do not encourage impulse buying as it is not the right way to get yourself a fine high end jewel. Take advantage of the support team without making any buying commitments, make your decision after all your queries have been clearly answered. There is absolutely no problem if you finally, decide to purchase your aquamarine ring from another source. 

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