Claddagh Rings

Claddagh Ring

It is interesting to see how the Claddagh ring, one of the most respected jewels in history ended up being crafted in Thailand. The story of the claddagh ring is set in an ancient fishing village in Ireland, the village is named 'Claddagh'. A young Irish fisherman was captured on the high seas by pirates about four centuries ago. Those were days when slaves were bought and sold like commodities. The fisherman named Robert Joyce was sold to a wealthy goldsmith. 

Life as a slave was filled with hardships and sorry but, this was not what worried young Robert. He kept thinking of his beloved who lived in the same village. As time went by, depression and loneliness seemed to fill his life, he realized that he had to keep up his morale. Learning the trade from his master, Robert decided to make a ring for his beloved. This kept him busy and gave him hope of being free one day. Trying to translate his true feelings into the features of the ring, he came up with a ring that had some truly unique features. 

A few years later, the young man was freed from slavery and rushed back to meet his beloved. Ring in hand, the man kept running on the streets until he spotted her. You can well imagine his joy when he learnt that she was faithfully waiting for him after all these years. He slid the ring on her finger, the couple were soon married and lived happily ever after. As years and decades went by, the story of the ring spread across the globe. The ring came to symbolize true love and sacrifice, it was named after the village and was therefore called the 'Claddagh Ring'. 

As historians and experts understood the story behind the claddagh ring, it became apparent that the features depicted in the ring showcased Robert's true feelings for his beloved. The heart in the center is one of the universally understood motifs for love, the hands symbolized friendship and the crown showed his loyalty to her (his beloved). The claddagh ring is often referred to as the 'hands and heart ring' or the 'hands holding a heart ring', the Irish people group it together with a few other rings labelled as 'friendship rings'.

The first claddagh ring did not have the finest workmanship as Robert was still learning at the time but, the meaning of the jewel remains unmatched in history. Few jewelers across the world tried to improve on the original concept but, many of them experimented with the removal of certain features - such attempts failed miserably. In Thailand high end custom jewelry provider Claddagh365, worked in a different concept. The objective was to enhance the beauty and significance of the claddagh ring and still, retain the main features of the first ring made centuries ago. 

The CR-015 Claddagh Ring shows just one example of how this historic jewel was rendered, without altering the meaning delivered by the first ring. Each jewel is handcrafted by Thailand's experienced artisans, the buyer can choose the gemstone of his or her choice. Every gemstone is inspected and then custom cut to perfectly fit a gold or 925 silver claddagh ring. The most important thing is that, workmanship and gem quality is maintained uniformly across gold and silver rings. You might be surprised to learn that, there is an impressive version of the claddagh ring suitable for men. It is not very often that you will hear of men's heart rings. After all true love, is universal and not limited by gender, religion or race. The has some tremendous information related to the claddagh ring, you will also be introduced to some amazing custom made jewelry. The Claddagh365 team at will be glad to answer any gem or jewelry queries that you might have. Jewelry in gold or 925 silver with gems of your choice, can also be custom made from your own design ideas or images.