The Romance Of Moonstone

Romancing With Moonstone

Thailand remains one of the most preferred sources for quality jewels. While the cheaper bulk manufacturing processes might have shifted to places like India and China, Thailand tops the list when it comes to quality standards. With production for markets across the globe being manufactured in Thailand, the country is the perfect place to study gem trends. There was a time when buyers picked gems based solely on their color and beauty, this is no longer the case. Ancient gemstone traditions and folklore, the gem formation process and beliefs and customs today influence gem selection. 

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Look at a perfectly cut and polished piece of moonstone, just one quick glance and you will realize why the gem got that name. There was a time when the Romans and Greeks believed that, moonstone was formed by the solidification of rays of moonlight. They associated the gemstone to their lunar gods and goddesses, the stone was given high respect. Another time, another corner of the world, people were impressed how the shimmer on moonstone appeared to move when, the gem was observed from different angles. There had to be a logical explanation for this phenomenon and they came up with one. They believed that a piece of moonstone reflected the phases of the moon. 

Civilizations in India and China have made tremendous contributions in terms of customs and traditions related to gems and crystals. The Indians related moonstone to the moon, the night and the romance of the night. There is an ancient belief in India that is still alive, people believe that keeping a piece of moonstone under a pillow helps a person get sweet dreams. A person wearing a moonstone ring or any other jewel with the gem, is believed to become more compassionate and caring. Indian scholars referred to moonstone as the 'lover's stone'. 

If you study ancient folklore related to moonstone, you will come across to references like the 'traveler's stone'. This was most likely due to the association of the gem with the moon. People believed that dangerous night journeys could become safer if they wore or carried a piece of moonstone. The dynamic movement of the sheen (shimmer) on moonstone, caused the gem to be related to intelligence and creativity. 

Before we wind up this report on moonstone, let us give a moment to science. How does science explain the mystic glow that seems to float around in a well shaped and cut moonstone. The gem is basically feldspar, its formation presents densely packed layers of feldspar. The interesting thing is that, the alternating layers are formed of two different types of feldspar. Each feldspar type has its own optical properties, this plays an important role in the generation of the shimmer in moonstone. Light that enters the gem from the top is split due to diffraction, this is what results in the lovely glow and shimmer. 

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