Big Rings For Men Custom Made

Big rings for men are not very rare but when a men's large  ring is in the U.S size 12 to 15 range - we would refer to the jewel as a truly BIG jewel. You could say that a men's size 12 ring is just on the threshold of large rings for men but, size 13 to 15 are truly large and not commonly seen. Jewelers generally do not invest in ready stocks of such big size rings for men, the low demand means that capital could stay locked for a long time. If you need a good quality men's ring  in size 12, 13, 14 or 15 experts recommend going for a custom made jewel. A ring that is made just for you and can include all your preferences in terms of design, metal, dimensions, gemstones and weight.

big gold ring for men ruby and sapphire
big ring for men custom made in gold or silver

When choosing a custom jewelry provider to craft your big men's ring remember that, the ring can only be as good as the jeweler you choose.  If you falter at the initial step of selecting the right jeweler, the hope of getting the jewel of your choice is in doubt. It is not sufficient for a jeweler to be a mere production or crafting expert, so you really cannot call a small bench jeweler 'a fine jewelry provider'. Knowledge about styles, the latest production techniques, gemstone expertise etc are all required to manufacture fine jewelry. A bench jeweler might be able to do exactly what he is told to do but, you need a more proactive jeweler for your large ring. 

big aquamarine ring men's
big ruby ring gold for men

Before selecting design concepts for men's big rings, you should have an idea of the dimensions,  metal and gem that you prefer. For example, there is no point in picking a design that accommodates a large 12x10mm oval gem if, your gem requirement is for a natural, medium to good grade blue sapphire or ruby gem. These gems would be very expensive in this size range so, a design with smaller gem size requirements would be more suitable. An experienced jeweler would be able to guide you and this makes his role very important. To develop this scenario further, let us presume that your interest is  in large gemstone rings for men, the 12x10mm gem size was really what you desire. Stay with the idea but,  open up yourself to other natural blue gems that are more moderately priced even with such large dimensions. Some options would be blue topaz (3 shades of blue), turquoise, iolite etc. The good thing about custom men's big rings is that, you can pick not only the design of your choice but also the dimensions that you wish. 

men's big ring amethyst
big ring for men sapphire diamond

The relation between design and metal choice might not sound very relevant but, each one could influence the selection of the other.  A large men's gold ring can add substantial metal cost to the price tag and this, will inflate as the weight of the ring increases. Using silver would tone down the price but, if gold is what you need, controlling design dimensions becomes necessary. Don't get impressed by jewelers who talk about making 'big' jewelry with low metal weight, this is a sure recipe for a flimsy ring that can bend and deform easily. For men's rings that are durable and can withstand daily wear and tear, the metal weight needs to be proportionate to the dimensions of the jewel. In general, men prefer sterling silver for its confident and yet calm look so you should open your mind to both gold and silver men's rings. If you can keep the metal cost within limits by choosing sterling silver, it is possible to invest more on the gemstone and this is often a great idea. 

big ring silver or gold men's
big ring custom made for men

Through this report we suggested that you keep your mind open when selecting gems, metal, design and dimensions for your large men's ring but, there is one feature for which we would strongly recommend ABSOLUTELY NO compromise. The skill required to make a good jewel is sadly not present in all jewelry craftsmen. Jewelers often do not select the best artisans because, they do not want to pay the fair price that these select group of highly skilled and talented people cost. In your search for big rings for men insist on good craftsmanship irrespective of, the metal and price point that you choose. Remember that we are talking about custom men's rings not, mass produced jewelry that needs to focus on low prices at all costs. At Kaisilver we utilize the services of the same team of artisans, gem cutters and production supervisors for all our jewelry orders irrespective of the metal choice. This proves our commitment to quality and this, remains constant irrespective of the dollar value of an order. The importance of craftsmanship for a big men's gold or 925 silver ring is not related to its beauty and external appearance alone, problems like loose gems and sharp corners and edges are very often the result of shoddy workmanship. 

The Kaisilver Big Men's Rings Report is a great start to  your journey into the amazing and challenging world of large rings for men. Besides providing some invaluable tips, explanations and advice the report also introduces you to some of the best examples of fine men's rings in gold and 925 silver with gems of your choice. The above information related to custom made big rings in gold and silver for men is quite detailed and useful.  However it might not really be possible, for a casual jewelry buyer to understand and implement all the suggestions and recommendations. The solution lies in choosing the right custom made jewelry provider, one that understands your requirements and can complement them with his or her expert advice. The best way to do this is to ask many questions related to gems, jewelry, design etc. The quality of answers will give a clear indication of the reputation of the jeweler. Websites that scream "Add to Card", "Buy Now", "Last Day Sale" etc might appear sleek and professional but, they are really designed to pushed you to buy without getting complete information and details. Similarly a custom jeweler who tries to rush you to confirm the order while providing, incompetent, incomplete or incoherent answers to your questions is surely, not worth working with. 

Kaisilver: Over 10,000 quality conscious jewelry buyers from almost 17 nations get fine custom jewelry from Thailand, crafted and shipped right to their doorstep, through one reliable source. Kaisilver the leading online custom made jewelry provider, has built an enviable team of the finest Thai craftsmen and gem artisans in Thailand. Buyers discuss and finalize specifications for their big men's rings through, emails and other forms of online communications. The jewel is crafted in gold or 925 sterling silver with design, gems and dimensions selected by the buyer.  Contact our experts at with any questions related to gems and jewelry that you might have. The team is composed of some of the best talents picked from the industry and is evaluated based on quality of solutions and answers provided rather than, on volume of sales roped in.