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It is common knowledge that sapphires have been put through the heat treatment process for almost a century now. The heating of sapphires enhances their beauty by increasing clarity and improving color. Traders, consumers and gem experts all agree that, heated sapphires are fine and the treatment does not result in any significant value reduction for the gemstone. As sapphire resources became scarce prices moved up and this gorgeous blue gem, went beyond the affordability of most gem and jewelry buyers. Gem manufacturers put serious effort into finding gem treatments that, could substantially increase the beauty of sapphires that looked quite ordinary before the treatment was applied. Their efforts started bearing fruit and we now see, a whole range of enhancement treatments being applied to sapphires. Let us talk a bit about each of the major treatment processes followed today. 

Conventional Heating: It has been known for almost a century that, heating rubies and sapphires can improve their clarity and color. While many newer methods also involve heating of the gems, the conventional heat treatment did not make use of any chemicals during the process. The effects of conventional heat treatment on blue sapphires is permanent, the gemstone does not lose any degree of hardness or durability when treated in this way. This form of treatment is accepted by gem experts and is rampantly used. Conventional heating of sapphires does not bring any significant reduction in their value. 

Fissure Filled: Similar to the much talked about 'glass filled rubies', fissure filled blue sapphires use element of silica (glass) to improve the color and clarity of the gemstone. The toughness of the sapphires treated by the fissure filling method are significantly compromised. Prices are very cheap and good 'looking' glass filled (same as fissure filled) blue sapphire gems, can range from 10 U.S$ to 30 U.S$ in the retail markets. This form of blue sapphire treatment is quite recent and generally, caters to the low end of the jewelry markets. Like always, clear and proper disclosure is expected when sapphires are treated by this process. 

Surface Diffusion: Blue sapphire gems treated in this way can show very impressive colors but, the color occurs only on the surface of the gemstone. What this does mean is that any activity like, re-polishing or re-cutting the treated blue sapphire gem will result in a loss of color. Prices can be a bit higher as compared to those for glass filled blue sapphire gemstones and disclosure of the treatment, is expected from the seller. Remember that unlike the fissure filled sapphires that have a component of glass in them, blue sapphires treated by the surface diffusion process are solid sapphire. 

Beryllium Heated: This process has been around for a few decades now, it is sometimes referred to as the 'lattice diffusion' process or the 'bulk diffusion' process. Essentially a diffusion process, the beryllium heat treated renders a color enhancement that extends deep into the gem. What this means is that, cutting or polishing the treated blue sapphire gem will not result in the color being lost. The gems can command significant prices and price depends on the color, shape, size and clarity of the treated blue sapphire gems. Color preference for beryllium heated blue sapphires, is similar to that used for conventionally heated blue sapphires. So don't be surprised if the 'ceylon color' blue sapphires that have been treated by this process command, upto 1,500 U.S$ per carat in sizes that go beyond 7 to 8 carats. These sapphires can look awesome and can be hard to identify, many gem labs classify them in the 'conventionally' heated category. Disclosure is required by the seller and buyers, should insist on reputed lab certificates when investing in the expensive large sizes. Read the Beryllium Blue Sapphire Gems Report and get a clearer idea of sapphires treated by this process. 

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