CZ Engagement Rings

CZ Engagement Rings 

Yes you heard it right, engagement rings with cz gemstones - a fast growing trend on the bridal jewelry scene.  Cubic Zirconia or cz is a man made gemstone, the stone has for decades been used as a diamond look-alike. Just until 4-5 years ago, cz gemstone rings were a favorite with buyers looking for flashy rings with low price points. Cz glitters like a diamond but, does not match the physical or chemical properties of diamond. It cannot therefore be regarded as a synthetic or lab created diamond. There have been some significant changes in the way that, couples today select and think about engagement and wedding rings. The feeling that diamonds are not absolutely essential for engagement rings, is strong and deep today. This has resulted in the rise in demand and price for gems like ruby, sapphire, emerald, tourmaline, spinel, morganite etc. The second wave of changes in engagement and wedding rings came when, buyers started giving sterling silver it's due respect. 

engagement ring cz
cz rings

The latest trend in engagement rings has been happening for a couple of years now, both U.S and Europe seem to have caught on this. Fine quality cz gemstone engagement rings are seeing a sharp rise in demand. When we talk about fine quality engagement rings with cubic zirconia (cz), we would include both gold and silver as metal options. Buyers evaluate design, cz gem quality in terms of cut and condition and workmanship when choosing a cz ring for the important occasion. Not many jewelry manufacturers have been able to adjust to this requirement for quality when it comes to cz rings as, they have been mass producing low quality jewels with cz gemstones for decades. If you happen to be a buyer or seller of cz engagement rings below are some useful bits of information.

Quick Tips

  • Both gold and silver cz engagement rings are doing well.
  • Consider white (colorless) cz and colored cz stones for your engagement rings. 
  • CZ is a gorgeous, affordable and sturdy gemstone.
  • Most shapes and cuts available in natural diamonds can also be found in cz. 
  • Make sure that the gem is perfectly cut and in perfect condition, before setting it in the ring.
  • Designs can be adapted from conventional diamond engagement rings. 
  • It is a good idea to buy or sell a pair of cz rings, for the engagement and wedding. 
  • Give importance to ring presentation (box, package) even if, the ring is not an expensive one. 

Since the demand for cz gemstone rings seems to be based on sound logic, it is unlikely to abate in the near future. This does seem to be a welcome trend as young men were often getting into debt just to, buy that all important diamond engagement ring for their special girl. At the end of the day, the significance and sanctity of marriage, lies in the hearts of the two individuals and not in a diamond or jewel. 

CZ Notes:

The decision to wear or not wear a CZ silver or gold engagement ring is yours, there is really no need to take multiple opinions on your choice. Having said that the experts at Kaisilver, would like to share a few details related to CZ gems. Made in controlled environments using advanced equipment, cz is not a natural gem. The durability and glitter of this gem is high, this is something that should impress many CZ jewelry buyers. The gem is available in a number of colors and not just white - you might come across terms like CZ-Tanzanite, CZ-Sapphire CZ-Ruby etc. These tend to be a bit confusing so let us explain that they mean. All that it means is that those CZ gems have a color that, resembles the mentioned gems. So when you order a CZ engagement ring, you could specify your choice of color. CZ is an affordable gemstones even large sizes are reasonably priced. 

Ordering CZ Jewelry:

Kaisilver is the leading online provider for high end custom made jewelry. A team of superbly skilled artisans and expert gem cutters in Thailand, work on all Kaisilver orders, gold and silver jewelry is crafted to the same premium standards. With preferential access to over 200 million carats of natural gemstones, we place absolutely no restriction on your choice of gems. And if you prefer to pick CZ or any other lab created gems for your jewelry, let us and and we will discuss details together. It is very important for you to understand the type of gems that you would be getting. We will gladly custom make a CZ engagement ring for you in gold or silver - you could also request for a pair of matching CZ earrings or a CZ bracelet. 

Each jewel is meticulously crafted by expert artisans in Thailand, irrespective of your choice of metal (gold or silver) or gemstone  (natural or lab created), you will get a high end jewel. The superior quality of our jewelry is reflected in the price tag, you would therefor not find 'cheap' Kaisilver jewelry!

Our experts at will be glad to answer any questions that you might have. You will not be obliged to make a purchase from Kaisilver, so make sure that you take advantage of our expertise. You could pick any engagement ring from our websites and request for it, to be crafted as a gold or silver CZ engagement ring. You might want to review our diamond ring collection and request, for the diamonds in the rings to be replaced with CZ gems. We can also craft a unique jewel for you based on your own design image or concept.